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I’m Amber Ray, blogger, avid reader, and wide-eyed wanderer extraordinaire. 

I grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois, where pageants are ridiculously prevalent and cows leave a lingering smell in the air. I grew up riding four-wheelers in the woods and climbing on combines, making  mud-pies and generally being a bit bored. I always believed in the small town narrative–you know, the one about marriage, children, and white picket fences all before the age of 25. I never dreamed I’d make it around the US, let alone out of the country.

And then, one day, something happened.

Somewhere during my early days at university, I realized that I just didn’t know what I was doing anymore. My heart wasn’t into it. I took some time off for introspection, and at 26 I finally went back with a renewed drive. I changed my old major in Accounting to a double major in Philosophy and English with an emphasis in Literature, Society and Politics at Webster University. Obviously, I wasn’t thinking about a lucrative, financially beneficial career–but I was doing what I wanted and what I loved. Since I made that first step to understanding that my happiness was more important than all the messages about what I was “supposed” to do, everything else just started clicking into place.

The girl who hadn’t even been to Chicago took off for her last term of undergrad in Leiden, the Netherlands. I flew over petrified in fear, and one week later had booked a three-week long unlimited Eurail Pass… off I went, roaming around Europe with no plans of where to go and very little cash in my pocket. Then, as quickly as I had arrived, I was back at the airport flying home.

But not for long!

I was addicted. No less than two weeks later, I joined a Masters program in International Relations with campuses all over the world (also with Webster), realizing that I had been bitten by a serious travel bug. I finished that Master’s degree in November, 2013, but that also didn’t mark the end to my wanderlust!

In March of 2013, I took off on a trip to Cambodia and met the man of my dreams and the guy behind the scenes at Rant & Roam, Steven Hadcroft. Together, we struggle through the ins and outs of cross-cultural marriage and visa troubles, as we add more destinations to our bucket list than we can keep up with!

steven in england

So come along with us on our journey, listen as we rant, and follow as we roam!


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Asia:  Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia

Europe:  England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain

Africa:  South Africa

North America:
United States of America:  Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and D.C.

My goal is to reach 30 countries by 2020… but I believe in traveling slow and absorbing as much as possible. Sometimes that means staying in one place longer than I planned! But to me, that is what real traveling is. I’m not here to just check off a list, but to grow as a global citizen and to share in this crazy life with people of all places… WHILE seeing incredible things!!

Upcoming Trips:  We’re currently making it a point to explore (what is for me at least) our new home in England! We’ll probably look to visit the U.S. soon, and I’m keeping fingers crossed for a road trip to Scotland

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